Solar powered Portable Air Conditioner

Certified: AHRI, EnergyStar, UL 1995, CSA 22.2, ETL, & Ca Energy Commission

This is the 4th generation solar power air conditioner we have all been waiting for - designed for inexpensive, simple set up and a quick payback. This original solar power air cooling technology requires no batteries, no inverter, no operator - simply connect in solar panel systems and start conserving as much as above 90per cent on daytime cooling or home heating expenses.

Throughout the day it works mainly on solar power and only utilizes small amounts of power from the energy business as required. Hybrid procedure eliminates the necessity for electric batteries and allows 24 hours each day use of the system. The system mainly uses solar energy, and mixes it with normal AC energy.
ACDC12B IDU (Interior Product)

For office or home use, this technique will sweet a location for cents with 90% or maybe more of this energy coming from sunshine. And air conditioning, the ACDC12b solar heat pump will give you solar driven home heating, running entirely down to an outside ambient temperature of 5F. Regardless of how far north or south you're, this is actually the correct system for you.

ACDC12b solar air conditioners require no batteries, and only require two or three PV panels to supply a giant cost savings. Throughout the day, when air-conditioning is needed more, you are able to run this product without much draw in your energy meter. Through the night, you continue to save as a result of the >SEER 21 score with this device. The mini-split ac design enables you to put solar power cooling into the location where it really is needed more and prevent the protection dilemmas of an unsightly and loud screen unit. If for example the area needs temperature during the winter, simply take a complete 1-ton of this daytime heating load off of most of your home heating and obtain a head start on night home heating needs. And since it's a ductless system, permits 100% of the home heating or air conditioning becoming sent to where it is needed with no loss that occurs in a ducted system. Note - this is not an "off-grid" device, 220v utility energy is necessary. When you yourself have no AC energy and need an off-grid solar power AC click here.

Solar Air Cooling Cooling & Warming Augmentation
Enhancing a place heating or cooling system with solar creates perfect sense. Along with heating or cooling a tiny area, it allows that include capacity to a current system, or decrease the load on an existing system, either-or each of which can help you save money and add convenience. Solar augmentation additionally permits offsetting of greater daytime electrical energy prices and reduces the amount of early night catch-up required by the normal system. The ACDC12b hybrid solar ac allows you to include convenience without including expense, and certainly will greatly cut your daytime hvac expenses.

How It Works

Set Up

The ACDC12b installs exactly like a normal minisplit air conditioning equipment, then you link the solar energy panels making use of industry-standard MC4 connectors. You should use 1, a few regular solar panels (yet not 12v "battery charger" panels) of 230w-300w each for a complete of up to 900w. It is possible to order the panels, etc. from us or purchase all of them in your area, note the panels is minimal 30v PV panels (30-39v), be sure to review the specs. The ACDC12b makes use of R410a, an ozone-friendly refrigerant, so it is appropriate for customer to self-install however we advice hiring an expert HVAC installer. If self-installing you will require a vacuum pump to commission the system.

The ACDC12B-D-IDU Mini-Duct Device

The HSE Mini-Duct unit replaces
the standard indoor unit, enabling
for sharing of cooling or heating
capacity between a couple of little
adjacent areas or to develop a
concealed installation.

On pure AC energy when no free solar energy is employed, formal AHRI SEER is >21. With AC energy feedback becoming decreased by free energy from 2x 235w solar energy panels, efficient SEER can be determined as >35. With no-cost energy from suggested 3x 295w panels, SEER may be calculated as >65 under good sunshine problems. Note, there's no official SEER rating for units that blend free power blended with paid energy, however these numbers tend to be computed with the formula that is used for formal SEER computations.

Ordering, Prices & Specs

The brands List cost from the ACDC12b is $1695. Solar panels, etc., aren't included. Qualified solar power and HVAC professionals who buy in amount should e mail us for dealer and supplier prices. Personal marketing can be acquired. These devices are usually in stock.

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Warranty SEE Spec Sheet Previous Variation ACDC12
See HotSpot Solar AC Energy Star Listing See Metal Roof Mounting Profile

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Solar powered window air conditioner
Solar powered window air conditioner
Air Conditioner Solar Powered
Air Conditioner Solar Powered
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