Solar Powered Lighting Fixtures

SEPCO’s solar parking lot lighting systems are a simple yet effective means to provide lighting without the necessity for standard energy power. Every system provides cost benefits by reducing the necessity to trench standard electric cables for installation and providing no electric bill for the life of the system. Solar parking lot lights have been set up in several business and HOA parking lots and provide security, sustainability and a complete green image.

Solar Power for Parking Area Lighting

Every SEPCO solar parking lot lighting system comes filled with a self-contained solar energy set up size to perform the specific solar power light installation depending on what's needed set by the customer. All of us styles each system because of the energy used because of the installation and available sunlight supplied by the geographic area of installation. Battery pack back-up provides the very least set autonomy for extended battery life and also to take into consideration local weather conditions.

Every Self-Contained Solar Powered Energy Assembly Properties:

  • Single solar panel range
  • Optional complete address vented aluminum panel cooking pan
  • Welded back channel installation bracket
  • Aluminum vented battery pack console with sealed GEL electric batteries
  • All control electronics
  • Welded aluminum energy bracket to bolt to a pole or wall surface
  • Regional AASHTO wind load needs

Solar Parking Lot Light Accessories

Various design fixtures can be obtained from standard shoebox accessories to architectural style accessories. Each installation supplies the required illumination amounts and circulation design to deliver the perfect lighting way to meet the requirements for the application.

Features Include:

  • Lamping options eg Light-emitting Diode, CFL, LPS, HPS and Metal Halide
  • Maker provided photometrics
  • Dark Sky Certified fixtures available
  • Diverse line of fixtures given by our partnerships with Hubbell Brands

Suggested Accessories:

  • – just like the traditional shoebox style fixture with a square look with curved sides
  • – decorative design fixture making use of LED technology
  • – modern design fixture much like standard Cobrahead fixtures
  • – contemporary design installation like standard Cobrahead fixture

Solar Parking Lot Light Fixture Installing

  • SP side of pole upsweep tapered elliptical mounting bracket is available in 4’, 6’ and 8’ lengths and functions a 24” rise.
  • ST side of pole tenon bracket provides a 2 3/8” right tenon pipeline for horizontal measurements of pole mounting in 5” or 24” lengths.
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