Energy Generated by solar panels

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An average domestic solar power installation working at maximum performance will provide to 3, 400kWh of clean electrical energy per year.

Solar power panels may help lessen your electric bills by around 50%. Additionally, you will make money through the government’s feed-in tariff.

To start generating your energy get in on the huge number of residents who possess made use of The Eco Experts; merely fill in the proper execution at the top of the page evaluate costs from respected installers operating in your town.

What is the typical output of a solar panel?

Each solar panel system differs, therefore to offer top concept of the amount of electricity could be generated, let’s take a good look at the reality for average domestic solar energy panels:

  • Domestic systems have a tendency to consist of 1 kilowatt (kW) to 5kW in size.
  • An average 1 kW system can create approximately 850kW units per year, a 2kW system would create around 1, 700kW units and a 5kW system would produce 4, 500kW devices.
  • The power Saving Trust estimates that an average 3-bedroom household in britain would use only over 3, 000kW devices in per year. So, in theory a 4kW or 5kW system would cover your whole electricity requirement.

Typical Annual Production

850 kWh




1, 700 kWh




2, 550 kWh



£1, 320

3, 400 kWh



£2, 080

Compare Solar Power Prices In Your Town

Just how much energy sources are this? Just what would this energy?

Usually, a 3 to 4 kW cell system will produce enough power for a family group sized house, while a 2 to 3 kW will typically function as correct dimensions for a smaller household. A typical 4 kW solar power system will generate around 3, 400kWh of free electrical energy annually. That’s enough electricity to independently power:

  • 4, 857 hours of automatic washer
  • 97, 143 hours regarding the refrigerator
  • 1, 880 hours of boiling the kettle

What aspects determine the total amount of electrical energy that I am able to create?

The amount of electrical energy your solar energy panels create is dependent on four important aspects. Dan Tobin, creator regarding the Eco Specialists, describes these four key factors into the video below:

Click here to read the video transcript

Video Transcript

Increasing energy bills are causing progressively home owners to put in solar power panels. This really is barely astonishing while they permit the normal household to cut back their particular power expenses by around 50percent, and accept tax-free money repayments over 20 years through Government’s Feed-in Tariff.

Just how much electrical energy you will definitely produce through solar energy panels relies on four key factors: how big the solar panel system, the path and perspective of one's roof, the amount of shading your roof has and season.

Measurements of Cell System
Typical domestic solar energy panels vary from 2kw to 4kw. The scale that might be best for you is dependent upon your household’s power necessity; greater the system the more power it will produce. The vitality Saving Trust estimates that a normal three room home in britain would use around 3, 000 kW devices annually, so a 3 to 4kW system would be the right size within situation.

Direction and Angle of your Roof
The way and position of one's roofing will even influence the amount of electrical energy your solar panel systems produce. Your homes roof should preferably be facing South, South-West or South-East, but West or East roof’s tend to be feasible. Ideally, the angle of roofing should always be between 10 degrees and 60 degrees too.

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Hyundai Solar Energy Panels by Sky Solar Auckland
Solar Energy - how much electricity do solar panels generate?
Solar Energy - how much electricity do solar panels generate?
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Solar Panels Pittsburgh- Installed by Energy Independent ...
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