Solar power car Science project

Solar Powered automobileBefore right going to the solar power Powered vehicle simple electronics project, let's learn some principles of solar panels and engine activities. For that you simply consider this easy circuit. The purpose of -DC electrical engine powered by cell circuit given below, should drive a DC engine using a solar panel and hence show the way we can use the solar powered energy right particularly applications. Inside Science Fair works, we have been describing about a solar driven automobile, which is the best instance for application level illustration of DC electrical engine running on cell. This Idea enable students to produce their very own solar driven products like solar automobile, solar power engine etc. and hence illustrate their particular solar vehicle as his or her Science Fair Works…

Circuit Diagram:

Inside strategy, as shown within the circuit diagram, the DC engine is directly connected to the solar power. Cell receives light power and converts this light power to the electricity and it is right given towards the DC engine through a wire.Solar Powered automobile The engine starts operating in accordance with the converted DC electrical power amount from the cell. We are able to make use of this idea and technique, to really make the solar power powered vehicle. The method and working principle associated with solar car is given below.

Products required for the building of Solar vehicle for Science Fair Projects:

  • Light-weight lumber or coroplast framework.
  • Axels (4 No.s)
  • Wheels (4 No.s)
  • Attention Screws (4No.s)
  • Gum
  • Adhesive product and Tape
  • Screw driver
  • DC Engine
  • Gears or pulley
  • Marker and Knife
  • Player etc.

Fix a person's eye screws solidlyStep By Step means of making solar power Car for Science Fair Projects:

  • First simply take a Coroplast frame or lightweight timber having 5cm width for keeping the motor, solar power, axels and rims.
  • Mark four areas for the eye screws, where we want to fix the axel.
  • Fix the eye screws solidly on top.

Fig 1: Fix a person's eye screws securely Fig 2: Axel Fixing in to the eye screws

  • Eye screws are used for carrying the axel, as well as the axel should spin easily, so it must certanly be precisely fixed with the eye screws.
  • Offer a spacer using any synthetic pipes or straws between the attention screw and also the tires.
  • Now insert the wheels to the axels.
motor for solar driven vehicle solar driven automobile
Solar car
Solar car
Solar Car Project
Solar Car Project
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