Texas solar power incentives

TexasFinancial Incentives

Corporate Deduction

Green Building Incentive

Industry Recruitment/Support

Regional Give System

Regional Loan System

Neighborhood Rebate System

PACE Funding

Performance-Based Incentive

Property Taxation Incentive

Sales Tax Incentive

State Grant Plan

State Loan System

Utility Loan Plan

Utility Rebate Program

Rules, Regulations & Policies

Building Energy Code

Energy Savings Site Standard

Energy Standards for Public Buildings

Generation Disclosure

Green Energy Purchasing


Line Extension Evaluation

Web Metering

Renewables Portfolio Standard

Solar/Wind Access Policy

Related Products & Initiatives

Alternative Fuels and Advanced Cars Information Center

The U.S. Department of Energy's alternate Fuels and Advanced cars information Center (AFDC) provides an array of information and sources allow the usage alternate fuels also petroleum-reduction options, such as for instance higher level vehicles, fuel combinations, idle decrease and fuel economic climate. The AFDC website offers a database of condition and federal rules and incentives pertaining to alternative fuels and automobiles, air quality, fuel effectiveness, alongside transportation-related topics.

Green Energy Network

The U.S. Department of Energy's Green Power system provides news and all about green energy markets and activities, including opportunities to purchase green energy. This website provides state-by-state information on green energy advertising and marketing and energy green power programs. Furthermore, the website lists entrepreneurs of renewable energy credits (RECs), also referred to as green tags or green power certificates, which represent the environmental attributes of this energy produced from renewable energy jobs.

Weatherization Help System

The U.S. division of Energy's Weatherization Aid Program (WAP) enables low-income households to cut back their energy bills by simply making their particular domiciles much more energy-efficient. Through this system, weatherization providers install energy-efficiency measures in houses of qualifying home owners cost-free. The WAP system site provides a state-by-state map of possibilities, tasks and tasks.

Wind Powering America

The U.S. Department of Energy's Wind Powering America site provides state-by-state info on wind jobs and activities, including wind working teams, validated wind maps, anemometer loan programs, tiny wind guides, state-specific news, wind for schools, workshops and web casts.

System Kind Property-based Financing
Technologies Locally Determined
Needed Documentation
Certified Website N/A

Property-Assessed Clean Energy (RATE) financing permits residence, building, and homeowners to finance green energy and energy-efficiency projects by putting an evaluation regarding the land. The amount financed usually is compensated via property taxes on a yearly foundation before the system is paid.

The Federal Housing Financing department granted a declaration in July 2010 concerning the senior lien standing connected with many PACE programs which has suspended SPEED funding for now.

Source: www.cleanenergyauthority.com
TXU Energy | SolarCity Offer $5 Million in Solar Incentives
TXU Energy | SolarCity Offer $5 Million in Solar Incentives
Get Up To £15, In Government Solar Power Incentives
Get Up To £15,000 In Government Solar Power Incentives
Texas Solar Power: Going Right to the Source
Texas Solar Power: Going Right to the Source
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