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SES Industrial Off-Grid Remote Solar Techniques

If you need trustworthy power for the remote industrial project, you've discovered the best company. We manufacture an entire distinct solar power systems designed to run your vital load in remote, unattended places. We design the device considering your load profile therefore the task place. Our MAPPS™ methods are typically in manufacturing since 1992, with a successful reputation tens of thousands of installations world-wide. We also provide outdoor battery pack backup methods and bigger, SES SDC™ microgrid hybrid solar/generator /wind-assisted solar power methods for island energy, base energy and telecommunications internet sites.

We additionally carry grid-tie electric battery back-up and remote residence solar systems.

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Total pre-assembled pole & pad mount solar methods for:

  • UHF/VHF Broadcast
  • Seismic or Ecological Monitoring
  • Cordless Smart Meter Reading
  • RFID Sensor Detection
  • Climate Weather Monitoring

Complete CSA certified Class I Div II solar power systems for:

  • Petrol Wellhead Monitoring
  • Pipeline Flow Monitoring
  • Tank Farms, Gaging
  • Offshore Oil Systems
  • Ecological Monitoring

microgridWe carry a whole line of Light-emitting Diode obstruction lighting MAPPS™ systems for:

  • MET Tower Wind Farm Lighting
  • Utility Tower LED Lighting
  • FAA & ICAO Aviation Lighting
  • Crane & Tall Building Burning
  • L810 LED Dangerous Obstruction

Our full MAPPS™ Outdoor Solar LED Street & Area Light Systems are ideal for:

  • Commercial Parking Lots
  • Safety Lighting, Typical Region HOA Lighting
  • Pathways / Hiking Tracks
  • Fully-Automatic, Maintenance-Free
  • Produced in the united states

Complete engineered hybrid solar with wind, diesel genset systems for:

  • Cellular & Telecom Repeaters
  • Remote Website Power & Microgrids
  • Military Ahead Base Facility Power
  • Village & Island Energy

Complete, ready-to-install UPS systems for trustworthy outdoor battery pack back-up for:

  • Critical AC and DC Lots
  • Pole-mounted exterior Systems
  • Tower and Obstruction Lighting
  • Video Cameras & Security Techniques
  • 8-96 time back up methods available

remote solar battery pack systemsCompletely pre-assembled trailer or skid based
solar systems for all applications including:

  • Disaster Readiness
  • Catastrophe Response
  • Tragedy Relief
  • Military Usage
  • Crisis Power

Weatherproof MAPPS™ systems

These full solar power systems are perfect for remote outdoor applications. Our pre-packaged solar power electric battery methods are utilized in a lot of custom PV programs where 12VDC, 24VDC or 120VAC is required in a remote or transportable environment.

The MAPPS line includes remote solar energy panels for tower, aviation & obstruction illumination. Manufacturing solar energy methods energy remote Wi-Fi & WiMax, radio & wireless RTU/SCADA. MAPPS tend to be weather resistant full solar power system for security digital camera, telemetry, Light-emitting Diode lighting and much more!

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SDC™ Microgrid powering remote tropical island facility

Marshall Island SDC™ Microgrid for people Army

Our Company Activities Include:

Wholesale Circulation
We provide photovoltaic along with other green energy services and products to dealers, technicians, commercial and manufacturing records, and government companies. High ability purchasing causes the best feasible pricing and our substantial inventory guarantees instant supply.

SES SDC™ Microgrid powering an AT&T cordless system on a remote mountaintop.

Research and Development
We substantial knowledge carrying out scientific studies regarding the design and deployment of photovoltaic systems into the functions of electric energy businesses, including circulation systems and atmosphere emissions minimization. We also pioneer the industry and government with development of cutting edge energy electronic devices items for green energy methods.

System Engineering
Comprehensive CAD capabilities, wide-ranging design library and proprietary computer system design tools allow united states the ease of designing products and systems for almost any location in the world.

We manufacture most customized elements we offer to our large criteria for: incorporated systems, grid-tie programs, water-pumping, security and domestic illumination, SCADA/instrumentation, island electrification, back-up or emergency power, solar power and solar power hybrid plans for remote places and off-grid houses.

Installation and Training
You can expect international installation services and instruction on green energy system design, set up, procedure and maintenance for audiences and companies around the globe. Our education programs instruct on location, practical knowledge had a need to effectively total successful tasks. Our extensive knowledge about project administration, construction and permitting of jobs from significantly less than .1KW to over 5MW.

Program Performance Tracking & Analysis
We provide a variety of tracking, analysis, and pc software products into solar neighborhood (including electric utilities, power providers, institutions, and individuals). Our products and services are created to assist our consumers in monitoring the production of these solar systems, responding straight away to occasions influencing system overall performance, and delivering information on the performance and great things about the solar resource to desired audiences.

We design and supply MAPPS™ systems to run lots in remote outside areas such as this weatherproof solar system employed for wind farm satisfied tower lighting.

wireless microgrid on mountain top weatherproof solar power system for wind farm course we Div II Oil & gasoline LED Obstruction Lighting
Quantum Harvest Model 6 Portable Solar Power System
Quantum Harvest Model 6000 Portable Solar Power System
Internet for a Home Solar Power System: The Tech Guy 1109
Internet for a Home Solar Power System: The Tech Guy 1109
Ameresco Solar Off-Grid and Remote Solar Power Systems.wmv
Ameresco Solar Off-Grid and Remote Solar Power Systems.wmv
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