Solar Powered Electric scooter

BASF and Floatility recently introduced a lightweight, solar-powered, electric scooter called the e-floater. The electric scooter weighs in at under 12 kilograms (27 weight). Urban transportation could hardly become more renewable… wait, could it be more sustainable?


The lightweight solar-powered scooter is made with over 80% composite and synthetic materials. BASF reports your synthetic materials allow design freedom and streamlined construction. Jointly manufactured by BASF and Floatility, it really is expected to give commuters the sensation of floating. Thus, its title (e-floater).

“This is a perfect example of how exactly we cooperate with your lovers to fully unfold the talents of our innovative materials. The e-floater combines security, durability and safety with an exciting, functional design, ” stated Andy Postlethwaite, Senior Vice President, Performance components Asia Pacific, BASF.

Flexibility inside plastic products from BASF adds to their particular significant support and development capabilities. A BASF development release states:

Molding several components to create complex shapes with synthetic materials enables design freedom and also the streamlined construction regarding the ‘e-floater’. Different grades of glass dietary fiber reinforced will be utilized for a lot of the e-floater’s construction: whilst mineral-filled Ultramid® B3M6 is employed for the parts in which reasonable warpage is a must, the effect altered Ultramid® B3ZG8 integrates toughness and rigidity in a manner that is favorable for structural parts that have to resist crash-loads. The surface-improved Ultramid® B3G10 SI provides high surface high quality into the parts despite its large fibre content. The support for forward human anatomy and deck may be fashioned with the latest Ultracom™ composite products assuring stability.

Along with Ultralaminate™ B3WG13, a thermoplastic laminate therefore the adapted overmolding substance Ultramid® B3WG12 COM, BASF now offers its processing and designing help for growth of constant dietary fiber strengthened parts. Tires and handlebars made with BASF’s TPU Elastollan® provides a good hold and smooth drifting.

No more long walking spaces (not that those tend to be bad) on the last knee home from town center or perhaps the closest trains and buses stop — simply step on the scooter and “float” along.

“The collaboration with BASF makes it possible for united states to develop an advanced short-distance metropolitan mobility answer to supply mobility-on-demand for future years. In this manner, the e-floater will play an integral part for making quick trips easier, quick, affordable and sustainable, ” Oliver Risse, Founder and CEO of Floatility, stated.

Amazingly, BASF celebrates its 150th anniversary in 2015. This is a company created to final. It really is “rolling completely an international co-creation system with partners regarding topics of energy, meals, and metropolitan living.”

Some folks, especially in Europe, always tuck a scooter in the rear of their particular automobile, or simply their particular backpack should they choose trains and buses. Why? Christopher DeMorro describes well in “Mini Debuts Electric Scooter Instead of Electric Car” Here’s an item of that: “In locations like nyc, Paris, and Beijing, in which automobile bans tend to be mentioned with increasing frequency, the concept of combining scooters and bicycles with automobiles is apparently getting in with European automakers. It had beenn’t sometime ago that Smart premiered its own line of to augment its little city cars, and evidently the engineers at MINI thought it was a enough idea to just take for themselves.”

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Image: BASF
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Solar Electric Scooters, Inc Solar Powered Scooters G ...
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Solar Scooter
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